• Web Development

    Managed Online Information

    See how bringing more of your processes online can improve workflows, keep all stakeholders up to date, and avoid duplication of information across your organisation.

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  • Go Beyond Spreadsheets

    Speed, Security, Peace of Mind

    If you are using a spreadsheet to store your company data, and you’re not alone if you are, then you should look at doing one of two things: you should port your data to a database, where you will have proper data integrity protection, or at a minimum, enforce data integrity in the spreadsheets using code.

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  • Embed and Control

    Bespoke Microcontroller Development

    When an off-the-shelf solution simply won't do the job, we can provide custom built microcontroller prototypes and short production runs.

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Web Development

Say Hello to modern web development – Bespoke CRM System for reporting sales activity in the field; Online product brochures & user manuals, parts lists, and technical manuals; Online product training for your customers.

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Data Management

Spreadsheets are a valuable tool for complex business calculations and modelling. What they are not is a suitable system for storing and retrieving data. We are experts in MS Excel, MS Access, VB and Google Apps Script development.

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Technical Communication

We have years of experience in creating and proofing complex documents such as product brochures, technical manuals, college theses, and funding applications for government grants and participation in EU programs such as FUSE, Framework 7, and Horizon 2020.

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With extensive experience in microcontroller system design, we can bring your next product idea to life. Microchip PIC and ESP32 design expertise; In-house PCB design, fabrication & SMT build. CNC fabrication and 3D printing. Short production runs.

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